About Us

PTI has worked on projects worldwide providing QAQC inspection programs for onshore/offshore pipelines.  PTI can staff your project with qualified QAQC personnel (local or expats) worldwide short term or long term.

PTI is dedicated to providing the Oil & Gas, Construction industry with the latest qaqc inspection services & pipe tracking technology solutions.

PTI maintains its leading edge technical expertise in our work force by placing a strong emphasis on continuing education and training.

Our internal training programs for Quality Assurance Representatives are based on the AWS QC1-96 Standard for the Certification of Welding Inspectors and ASNT-SNT-TC1A Qualification and Certification of NDT Personnel with certifications in visual examination,liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, and helium mass spectrometer leak testing.

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What We Do

These are our services

Vendor Surveillance

PTI can provide QAQC inspectors for your vendor inspection needs, full time or part time – Worldwide.  PTI offers the LS QMax welding inspection technology to target fabrication or welder qual/procedure inspections.


PTI can develop and implement an audit program for your project needs.  We audit company systems/programs along with vendor systems and processes to ensure that quality is met with co standards and industry codes.

QAQC Consulting

PTI can consult with your company and develop a QAQC program for welding inspection, qaqc management and pipeline traceability needs.  We can tailor/develop procedures, ITP’s and inspection programs for any phase of your pipeline project needs.

Load Out Management

The LSPTS pipe tracking system can manage loadout operations and daily productions at multiple locations worldwide.  The LSPTS system produces various reports and covers all aspects of the pipeline traceability in REAL TIME.

Pipeline Traceability (Onshore/Offshore)

LSPTS system can track pipe from any phase of your pipeline project needs.  The LSPTS tracking system has been utilized on some of the worlds largest pipeline projects worldwide.  PTI has the pipeline traceability software technology to cover your onshore/offshore projects scope of work .

Maintenance Inspection

PTI can implement a quality inspection program for your maintenance inspection needs.




Construction Inspection

PTI can provide inspectors and technology for any phase of your project construction needs onshore/offshore.

Program Development

PTI can develop a QAQC program for your company/project needs onshore/offshore.


PTI can develop a QAQC  inspection program for the procedure qual/welder qualification process.  We have worked on several projects providing these services for our clients.  We work closely with the welding engineering department to ensure that all specs and procedures are being followed, inspected and monitored to ensure quality project standards.

Welding Inspection Monitoring

PTI can deploy a welding inspection team to inspect any phase of welding activities onshore/offshore.  We can implement/develop procedures, ITP’s and reports to manage this scope of work.

Welding Engineering Consulting

PTI can also provide welding engineering consulting for your pipeline project needs.  We can provide this service for onshore and offshore pipeline projects worldwide.

Lone Star Pipe Tracking System Technology

PTI has a REAL TIME material pipeline tracking management system that can track pipe from the mill, coating, loadout, ROW and offshore construction phases worldwide.  LSPTS multi location system utilizes the latest technology in the market, barcode, RFID and GPS technology for your project tracking needs onshore/offshore.  Clients have hired PTI to track pipe from all phases of pipeline manufacturing & construction.

Our Happy Clients

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