With the Pre-award Survey completed and final reports issued, PTI. can continue to follow-up at the vendors facility by conducting periodic vendor audits to assure Vendor Program requirements are clearly defined, implemented and executed. Additionally, PTI. will also perform Programmatic Audits of our client’s existing Quality Assurance and/or Quality Control Management Systems.

PTI. program auditing provides the in-depth review necessary to assure arrival at the root cause of Quality Assurance/Quality Control problems. PTI. Auditors are trained to provide you with a deeper look at the program.

“Canned audit checklists” are discouraged and replaced with custom prepared audit checklists covering the exact audit area. Instead of getting a general outline report, PTI. supplies a thorough audit report containing checklists, audit findings, concerns, general discussion on the overall program, and recommendations for improvement.

To supplement our customer’s Quality Assurance needs, PTI. can supply on an as-needed or full-time basis, lead auditors to perform the following:

* Pre-award Surveys
* Vendor Audits
* Program Audits
* Security Screening Audits
* Vendor quality begins with determination of a potential bidder’s physical and financial capability to supply goods which conform to the customer’s specification, in the quantities or sizes estimated and within the likely time frame required.

Physical and financial capabilities are established independently, based upon objective observation and questioning, and later synthesized into a composite evaluation.

The criteria for capabilities evaluation results from a personal visit to a proposed vendor’s facility, where the lead auditor:

* Evaluates plant equipment
* Interviews personnel
* Reviews organization and procedures
* Investigates financial data
* Obtains references
* Formulates data, evaluates data, and offers final recommendations to our clients.

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