Bar Code & RFID Tracking

RFID has many advantages over a traditional barcode approach.  Each method has advantages and disadvantages and a thorough understanding of these is essential to making the right selection of automatic data capture method for the process environment.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of both methods and their use in many different scenarios within supply chains and oil & gas supply/operations.  We select the right method based upon process needs, environmental conditions and the type of physical material the data is being captured from.

Full status and progress information and material traceability is maintained for material items (both piping and structural) detailing the location and status within the fabrication process.  This also enables the system to record and display the progress of welding and NDT inspection at any point in time and also ensures that full material reconciliation can be performed as soon as the project is completed.

Barcode and RFID tracking during the following stages:

Pipe Mill

Fbe Coating

Concrete Coating

ROW – Right of Way

Shipping and Receiving

Spool Base/Stalking – Reel Jobs

Spool Fabrication

Procedure and Welder Quals

GIS Mapping

Load Out Base Operations

Installation Processes

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