Lone Star Pipe Tracking System Technology

Lone Star Pipe Tracking System Technology

The Lone Star Pipe Tracking System is designed and tailored to meet the Oil & Gas industry’s need for pipe tracking services from the pipe mill manufacture to the construction installation process.

Lone Star Pipe Tracking System is designed to streamline the pipe tracking process.  The database manages materials from all phases of pipeline construction and generates various types of reports.   The system automatically checks for duplicate pipe numbers and missing pipe data, and provides additional information to help troubleshoot traceability concerns and to minimize the impact of human error in the traceability functions. This can only be as accurate as the data that is initially used to populate the dataset.

The purpose of pipe tracking is to maintain full traceability of individual laid pipeline components from the pipe receipt to final reconciliation against Company Specifications and IQP Requirements.

Pipe tracking is performed by computerised methods using the PTI Lone Star Pipe Tracking Program System.  PTI’s web based tracking system utilizes high end dedicated/stand alone servers to back-up project data and as built document reports, pictures, pipe mtr’s that will be used to assist in the final as-built reconciliation.

The system utilizes the latest technology in the market:

* Pocket PCs

* Tablet PCs

* Barcode Scanners & Labeling

* RFID Labeling & Tracking

* Pipe Inventory Control

* DVR Video Record Monitoring

* Real Time Web Based Reporting

* Network System Integration

* Mobile Printing Capabilities

* Installation Aid Traceability

* Welding Traceability – Tracks the welders, repair welders and time     each weld has taken place on the Main Line

* ROW Traceability

* Survey Positioning – Let’s you know the * X & Y position of each     joint as it is installed onshore/offshore

* Vessel Status Reporting

* Non-Conformance & Over Short & Damage * Reporting

* UT & NDT Traceability

* Pipeline Installation Reporting

* Load Out Operation Reporting

* Pipe Mill-Material Traceability

* Generation of Production Reports

* Pipe Inspection Technology

* As-Built Documentation

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