Lone Star QMAX Welding Inspection Technology

PTI has developed LS QMax Welding Inspection Technology that guides the inspection process throughout all the phases listed below.  The system has been tailored to each process/phase to ensure all aspects of QAQC standards are met and abided by.

Throughout the years of inspections on various projects, PTI has developed/maintain/upgraded QAQC technology that utilizes the latest programing software/real time web technology on the market.

The system can be uploaded to any tablet/palm pilot/cell phone  or CPU.  The inspectors can start any inspection process during any phase of the scope of work in real time.

The LS QMax system was designed/tailored to make life easier for inspectors without the use of paper work/dwgs/pens.  The inspector utilizes the system throughout the day to record/inspect/input required key info/data per each phase of the scope of work.

LS QMax system is designed to guide the inspection process from any phase onshore/offshore.  Once the Inspector is finish with the work shift he/she will be able to make handovers easy/simple and send daily shift reports immediately.   The system is in real time so the technology is synced/updated throughout the days work shift.

Alerts will notify clients via text/email to review the days shift work on the LS QMax online system.  The reports/data can also be sent via email and produced in various types of formats.  MS Word, Excel & PDFs

PTI utilizes the proven/rugged field Tablets/Pocket PC’s.  The software program can be uploaded on stand alone CPU’s/Field Tablets/Cell Phones/Palm Pilots

Dwgs/Procedures/Specs/Codes are all uploaded into the LS QMax Welding Inspection Technology.

Everything the inspector needs will be uploaded to LS QMax Welding Inspection Technology before the project starts.  The inspection database technology can produce various types of reports for the following phases listed below:

Inspection Process Phases:

-Receiving/Shipping Pipe


-Store online as-built data records

-Material Tracking

-Fabrication Management

-Material Management



-Real Time Web Access

-Qualify Procedures

-Qualify Welders


-Fabrication Monitoring – Spools/Plets/Jackets/Jumpers/Etc..

-Welding Inspection Monitoring – Fireline/Mainline

-All phases of pipeline welding inspections onshore/offshore

-QAQC Program Development Programs – Inhouse

-Procedure and Welder Quals


PTI can set up shop during any phase of your project needs and provide the technology that will ensure procedures/specs are abided by and QAQC standards are met.

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