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LS QMAX Lease Options

At P.T.I, we offer the opportunity for any organization to utilize our welding inspection technology at a competitive rate.  More often than not, there are instances where only the technology is required, and services are not.  Here at P.T.I., we understand those demands and are willing to meet your needs.

P.T.I. Support Services
Lone Star (QMAX) is backed up by a wide range of off-site support services.  All clients are offered assistance with the software installation and start-up process, although the systems intrinsic ease of use means that such help is often not required.

In addition, specialist on-site training can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual users for both scope of work onshore/offshore.  This usually takes a minimum of 2 weeks training to make sure all parties are well educated, informed and understand the Lone Star QMAX Technology.  The system will go through a series of validation tests; data input inquires and report generation testing. This allows the users to get hands on training with the Lone Star QMAX Welding Inspection System and understand the Inspection process Onshore/Offshore.

Once Lone Star QMAX is installed and operational, support is provided through a Helpdesk facility at P.T. I. – and a remote dial-in support, web chat options are also available if required.

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