Material Components Tracking

PTI’s LSPTS pipe tracking system will manage/track material components/pipe during all stages and produce various type of reports in real time.  Our clients will be informed of the components location from all phases onshore/offshore.

Flanges, Spools, Nuts, Bolts, Pipe, and Various Types of Material managed and tracked in the LSPTS.  Barcode/RFIDs can be applied to all these types of material for tracking and inventory management.

From manufacturing vs po’s to what’s been shipped and installed.  PTI’s technology has several different modules within the system for each phase of pipeline construction.  PTI’s has communicated with our clients to tailor a system for any/all phases of pipeline construction.  Our system has a separate module within the LSPTS for this phase/inventory database.  Reports/MTR’s and other important records are stored with each component for history of each item.

Please call PTI for a demo of our LSPTS technology.

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