Onshore Pipe Tracking

PTI can staff your projects with a QAQC manager and inspectors who become part of your existing project team and work as if they were your direct employee, independent of PTI management.  This is a perfect solution for companies seeking to supplement their teams, but who do not have the need or ability to direct hire.  PTI employees will work at your office for the entire project SOW, depending on our clients’ needs.

We will generate specific procedures and implement PTI’s – Lone Star Pipe Tracking Program to suit your projects need.

The Lone Star Tracking System is design to track the pipe from the mill manufacturing to the installation stage onshore or sub sea.  During each phase, quality reports are generated throughout each initial process. (See below) Upon completion of each shift, reports will be logged and sent to the P.T.I Website for As-built documentation traceability. This allows constant communication between onshore/offshore project personnel in order to review daily production reporting.

Pipe Tracking Phases:

Pipe Mill

Fbe Coating

Shipping and Receiving In Between Stages

Concrete Coating

Spool Base/Stalking – Reel Jobs

Spool Fabrication

Load Out Base Operations

Installation Processes ROW

Pipe Tracking Process

Please contact us @ PTI to support your major short/long term projects. Whatever your project support needs, PTI is here to help you achieve success.

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