Lone Star “LPEM” Pipe End Measurement Technology

LS LPEM, is the latest in pipe end measurement technology.

PTI’s Laser Pipe End Dimensioning/Measurement System (LPEM) was designed to measure open-ended pipes using laser sensors as the measuring device.

The laser sensors measure displacement (position) against a target (surface of the pipe) without requiring contact with the surface.

The digital laser sensor array is mounted on a rotating platform and is firmly secured to the ID of the pipe using self-centering support legs. An algorithm corrects for any installation misalignment. The rotating platform is driven by a precision motor capable of accurately moving the laser sensors to predetermined positions along the circumference of the pipe.

The laser sensors measure distances in relation to the pipe surface and convert those measurements into information such as ID, OD, and wall thickness. The system software then records the data in familiar and easy to use Excel and PDF reports that can be exported for further analysis.

Key Additional Features:

  • On-site contract laser dimensioning is provided by PTI – Pipe Tracking inspections, Inc.
  • The lightweight system is capable of measuring pipe ranging from 6″ to 36″
  • The (LPEM) is capable of measuring both the inside (ID) and the outside (OD) of the pipe end simultaneously for rapid cycle times.
  • The data management program records ID, OD, wall thickness, etc. in numerical format.
  • Rotating, servo driven lasers record pipe end dimensions at 38,000 points per revolution.
  • Spring loaded self-centering support legs.
  • Accuracy built in with +/- 0.05mm (+/-.002″) tolerance.
  • Scan set up time is approximately 30 seconds or less.
  • Rapid scan time of approximately 35 seconds for 720 measurements per circumference.

Light weight and easy to carry on airplane for fast track mob to projects onshore/offshore.

Please contact PTI for more information regarding the LPEM Tool & PipeFit Software technology.

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