Pipe Mill & Coating Inspection Process

Pipe Tracking & Inspection Process – Coating Stages

PTI is a international provider of line pipe and coating inspection services, having inspected line pipe and coatings over the last 10+ years worldwide. PTI possesses extensive experience in the areas of SMLS, ERW, GTAW and SAW pipe. PTI in-depth local knowledge of many of the world’s foremost pipe manufacturers offers clients invaluable protection from common problems associated with tubular production, shipping and logistics.

Resident inspection teams are available to verify compliance to all customer and controlling specification requirements. Procedures, equipment and personnel qualifications/certifications are verified for compliance as are production and inspection processes performed during the various stages of manufacture and test. Inspection teams vary in size and are normally lead by a designated supervisor.

Comprehensive, reliable electronic traceability systems have been developed and deployed to ensure critical data and information is maintained from steel production through pipe manufacture, coating, testing and delivery. To provide bundled solutions to our clients, these traceability systems can be seamlessly extended through pipeline construction and commissioning.

To compliment our pipe mill services, a complete range of coatings and corrosion services, are available through PTI. Our technical specialists are also well experienced at overseeing health, safety and environmental issues that are critical to the coating process.

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