Pipe Mill Tracking Technology

Pipe Mill Manufacturing Tracking & Inspection

During this stage it is critical that the pipe is manufactured according to the client’s specifications.  We here at PTI understand those needs and can provide experienced personnel for the Inspection/Tracking process.

PTI’s Lone Star Pipe Tracking System will be utilized during this stage for the following:

* Bar Code Implementation

* Pipe Tracking

* Pipe Inspection

* As- Built Master Tally Report Generation

* RFID Labeling Pipe Tracking

* Production Reporting

* Inventory Management

Bar Codes/RFID labels can be implemented during any stage of the manufacturing process.  We can generate/review & inspect the current Master Tally Data List and apply Barcodes/RFID’s to the entire pipe inventory stock once a sweep has been made.  This allows the client to be re assured that the Master Tally List is current with the stencil data applied on the pipe from the manufacture and is accurate.  This also makes it a smoother transition for the other tracking stages by utilizing PTI’s Barcode/RFID scanning traceability technology.

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