Project Surveillance

Because PTI provides manufacturing inspection services, the term “product surveillance” is used to encompass Vendor Surveillance and Source Inspection Services. PTI QA/QC personnel can be quickly dispatched to any location worldwide with adequate lead time, anywhere on the globe, to accommodate our customers’ quality requirements. The ability for us to function in this fashion eliminates unneeded costly expenses and unnecessary downtime for our customers. Upon receipt of a purchase order, the PTI Field Service Inspector will obtain pertinent drawings and specifications along with the pre-award survey report, if available. After review of all relevant documentation, a quality plan will be formulated which outlines the technical considerations and criteria for inspection.

The quality plan will address primarily:<.b>

* Materials of Construction

* Welding

* Nondestructive Examinations

* Heat Treating

* Parts and Assembly Inspection

* Protective Coating

* Construction and Dimensions

* Documentation

* Marking and Tagging

* Packing

The quality plan will further detail:

* Specifications

* Applicable codes

* Items, processes or activities to be visually examined

* Dimensional checks to be carried out

* Nondestructive tests to be conducted/witnessed/verified

* Documentation to be reviewed and submitted prior to shipment

* Tests to be witnessed

Vendor surveillance and source inspection activities are carefully planned and methodically executed according to the plan. After each visit, a complete report will be submitted detailing the extent of the inspection conducted and all relevant findings.

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