PTI offers several services that suit your project needs.  We can consult and develop/implement a QAQC program to execute the scope of work.

We can come in during any phase of your project operations.  PTI has worked on several pipeline projects worldwide and can consult the services that can be utilized best for your project.

Our team has the experience, qualifications and knowledge base to ensure quality standards/codes/procedures are met, complaint with project specs and abided by.

Most of our clients sub-out the entire QAQC scope of work to PTI from cradle to grave.  Our team will be managed by our in house quality manager who will manage the inspection team onshore/offshore throughout the following phases:

Pipe mill

Procedure/Welder Quals

Coating Inspection


Pipe Inspection/Loadout

Pipe Tracking Onshore/Offshore

Welding Inspection

Fabrication Yard

Pipelay Onshore/Offshore

Spool Fabrication

Procedure/ITP Development

Please see the type of services we offer and call/email us to see what PTI can do for you.

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